Vijaya Stambh:

Built by MaharanaKumbha, Vijay Stambh is a nine-storey tower located inside the premises of Chittorgarh fort. It was built in order to commemorate the victory of Rajputs over Muslim ruler AllaudinKhilji in 1440 AD. The tower has a height of 37 m. Vijay Stambh is one of the famous tourist places of the city because of the picturesque view one gets from the top of the tower.

Kirti Stambh:

Kirti Stambh was constructed in the 12th century AD inside the premises of Chittorgarh fort. The tower is 22 m in height and is a seven-storeyed tower with the sculptures of Adinath. KirtiStambh is older than Vijay Stambh and is another attraction for the tourists who visit Chittorgarh.