Location and Area

Location:      24.88°N 74.63°E

Altitude:       394 metres (1292 ft.) Above Sea Level

Area:            10,856 square km (3.17 per cent of the Rajasthan State).


Located in the southern region of Rajasthan, Chittorgarh district is known for its Rajputana pride and chivalry. The district is located between 23° 32' and 25° 13' N and between 74° 12' and 75° 49' E and is spread across an area of 10,856 sq km. It covers approximately 3.17 percent of the total area of the State. The average height of the district above sea level is around 487 m.

Location and Area

Chittorgarh district shares its borders with Bhilwara in the north, Neemach and Pratapgarh in the south, Udaipur in the west and with Madhya Pradesh in the east.

The district is situated very close to the major cities of the country and is accessible via road, railway and air.

Chittorgarh district is famous for its vast forest region and attracts a lot of tourists every year who visit these forests for rejuvenation and adventure. Around 2,407 sq kmof the total district’s area is covered by forests. Rich in flora and fauna, the forests consist of species of Teakwood, Bamboo, Katha and Salar.